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Pécs from above: all the wonders of the town at your feet

Zsolnay Cultural QuarterPécs Pécs region

Climb to the top of the TV tower, stare in awe at the western part of the town from the Kis-Tubes lookout tower, or stroll along the castle wall promenade. Because even the overhead view of Pécs is breathtaking. 

Dizzying heights, jaw-dropping panorama, well-known sights from a whole new perspective – this is Pécs from a different point of view. There are several locations in the capital of the Mecsek that are sort of a “one-stop-shop”: the pale blue dome of the mosque, the steady towers of the cathedral and the colourful Zsolnay Cultural Quarter. Just do not leave the binoculars at home. 

Unrivalled views

The perfect site to start this all is one of the symbols of Pécs, the TV tower on top of Hill Misina, which is the tallest building in Hungary with a height of 197 metres. Take a seat in the glass-walled restaurant at 75 metres, or head straight for the lookout tower via the express elevator: on a clear day, you might even spot the peaks of the Croatian Papuk Mountains. For those of you who don’t wish to experience such dizzying heights, the Kis-Tubes lookout tower a little over 1 kilometre from the TV tower is the perfect alternative destination. With its limited capabilities, it is not as spectacular, however, the panorama of Pécs from the top is still amazing. If you still have some time during the afternoon, make sure to travel onwards towards the János lookout tower on top of Hill Tubes, surrounded by the peaceful hills and slopes of Mecsek. 

Above the town in the town

However, Pécs will not let you down even if you are not willing to leave the town behind for a short hike. For a unique perspective, walk along the almost 1-kilometre-long town wall promenade, and when you reach the northern gate, follow the long staircase up to the chapel on top of Kálvária Hill. Or visit the top of Havi Hill – there are other reasons to do so beside the fascinating panorama. One is the Havas Boldogasszony (St Mary of the Snow) Church, and next to the church a more than 135-year-old almond tree that won the “Tree of the Year” award in 2019. For lovers of art, we recommend the statue of Nike: from its feet, the town shows yet a different face.  


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