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Storytelling castles in the neighbourhood of Mecsek

Siklós CastleSiklós Pécs region

The castle of Szigetvár and Siklós are two fortresses at the southern end that remind us proudly of battles successfully won, sieges epically lost and the everyday life of days gone by. 

Szigetvár: In the footsteps of heroes

One of the most famous fortresses of Hungary is commonly recognised as the castle of Miklós Zrínyi, who put a stop to the march of the hundreds of thousands of Turks of Suleiman I, sultan of the Ottoman Empire in 1566. Walk into the castle at the gate, and start your time travel through the centuries. Take a look at the exhibition’s weapon collection, where you will find rarely seen contemporary utensils, too, while in the central exhibition hall there is an interactive diorama of the battlefield, showing how castles were protected in that era. Stop for a few minutes, and watch the short films on the screens installed in the rooms to help you better understand the past coming to life around you. Then spend some time in the castle’s garden, smelling the fragrance of the arboretum created by the Andrássy Counts.  

Siklós: in the footsteps of the “Tenkes kapitánya”

On the southern side of Villány Mountain Range, the castle of Siklós towers from high ground. This is one of the best-preserved castles of Hungary. The 750-year-old fortress was subject to a large-scale renovation from 2009 to 2011, consequently, today it welcomes visitors for a meaningful trip back in time, just as splendid as in the old days, and offering a bunch of interactive activities. The core of Siklós Castle is the fortified castle enveloped by the castle walls, reminiscent of a range of different styles and eras from romanesque to baroque. Climb up to the parapet walk for an amazing panorama, then head for the castle prison to have a sneak peek at the everyday life of prisoners. Be sure to visit the “Tenkes kapitánya” (The Captain of the Outlaws) wax museum, too, which depicts a memorable scene from the TV series shot in the castle. The Gothic net vault of the castle chapel is really a gem in terms of art history, and time travel gracefully ends with a walk among the large chestnut trees of the castle gardens. 


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