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Take a dip in Lake Hévíz, the world’s largest thermal lake.

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Do you crave some refreshing, revitalising or relaxing bathing? Do you feel your joints would benefit from some natural medicinal therapy? Do you also want to throw in a beautiful environment, a magical turquoise lake, with multi-coloured water-lilies and green trees? Then go to Hévíz!

Lake Hévíz is located alongside the Northern slope of Mount Keszthely, in the centre of the town of Hévíz. Did you know that it is the largest biologically active natural thermal lake in the world? If this does not make Lake Hévíz special enough in your eyes, here are a few more facts. Thanks to constant movement, the temperature of the water is pleasant throughout the year, allowing you to bathe in any season. The water temperature is 23-25°C in the winter, and can climb as high as 36-38°C in the summer. The way the water flows from left to right as well as from the bottom upwards provides a massage of sorts for those sitting in it. In winter, the condensed steam forms a cap over the lake surface, creating a natural inhalatorium. This ‘cap’ prevents water from cooling down, rejuvenating exhausted vocal cords when inhaled. The lake developed in the same period as Lake Balaton, with its current source welling up 20-22,000 years ago. (In the geological past, Ancient Hévíz welled higher than its current location.) The lake was already used by the Ancient Romans. Several water-lily types inhabit the lake: the European white water lily is indigenous to the area, while the purple lily was brought from India 100 years ago. Thanks to an abundant water supply, the water of the 4.4 ha lake – with a depth of 38 m – is fully replaced every three days. Water quality is continuously controlled through measurements and specially trained divers.


If you want, you can also take a virtual tour and see for yourself: the lake is captivating, even when viewed online. If you would rather see beautiful photographs, let yourself be enchanted on the Hévíz Instagram page.

The healing effects of Lake Hévíz

The water of the lake has a very special composition, containing sulphur, calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate. It is extremely rich in minerals and, as such, is very effective in treating numerous illnesses – to truly combine treatment and relaxation. It is mainly used for the following health problems: rheumatic musculoskeletal disorders, degenerative and chronic joint diseases, osteoporosis, post-op treatment for musculoskeletal surgeries, post-op treatment for slipped disc, nervous system-related complaints arising for mechanical reasons, chronic gynaecological illnesses, chronic back pain, various skin disorders (such as psoriasis).

It is important, however, to remember that you shouldn't spend more than 30 minutes at a time in the water.


If healing is not your primary objective, Lake Hévíz is still an ideal choice as in addition to refreshing or relaxing bathing options, it also provides various wellness services of Western European standards. Indulge yourself with (among other things) an underwater jet massage, the medicinal mud pool, the salt cave or a steam bath – essentially whatever you desire. In addition to relaxing, the area has countless active programmes on offer: exquisite hiking trails, Segway opportunities, horse-riding and unforgettable gastro experiences.

Lake Hévíz

An unparalleled aquatic experience

It's only fair that we tell you in advance: if you crave the ‘traditional’ beach experience, Lake Hévíz is not what you’re looking for, as the atmosphere here is special and very unique with unparalleled natural properties. If you are more the type for traditional beaches, Lake Balaton is only 6 km from Hévíz. If you're already in the region, make sure you visit the wonderful Baroque-style Festetics Palace, the third-largest in the country, to get a taste of the opulent lifestyle of noblemen, or visit the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany and immerse yourself in living history.

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