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The baroque centre of Győr invites you for a walk

Győr Győr and Pannonhalma

Fabulous little streets, mysterious alleys, vast squares, beautiful monuments and cosy terraces make the baroque centre of Győr an unmissable destination.

Some cities you can fall in love with in the blink of an eye: just stop in a charming square, take a peek into a narrow street, look up at the historic buildings or get lost in the hustle and bustle of a local event. Győr is just like that – an inviting, lovable baroque masterpiece, where special attraction converge, and baroque weddings and baroque balls are held.

An irresistible baroque masterpiece

Just arrived in Győr? Then head to the city centre, where in the pedestrian zones you may encounter charming squares, beautiful terraces, fairy-tale alleys and where narrow alleyways tempt you to discover them. Look out for the distinctive corner balconies and antique sign-boards of baroque buildings.


Széchenyi Square is sure to be on the route, and fortunately so, because there’s almost always an exciting event going on. The ornate houses and palaces also hide art and pharmacy museums within – so it’s worth keeping your eyes open to discover these hidden treasures.

Baroque Wedding and Baroque Ball

Speaking of baroque, every summer there is a large-scale Baroque Wedding in Győr, lasting 2-3 days, with a varied programme of events. Featuring fancy-dress parades, baroque dances and a variety of other events and opera performances, and of course a period wedding ceremony, an interesting experience for the whole family.


As the ball season in Győr is not complete without a little baroque illusion, the city also hosts the Baroque Ball. It’s just as period, grand and magical as you’d expect: guests arriving at the opulent Zichy Palace are announced by a master of ceremonies and taught by a dance master how to perform fun circle and line dances to 17th-18th century melodies. There is also a dance show, and entertainment includes fortune-telling and a raffle.


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