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Fun At Lake Balaton Goes Well Beyond The Beach


Obviously there is nothing like a beach holiday on Lake Balaton and there is a reason why literally the whole country loves it. Well, we have great news: there are countless other excitements awaiting you on the lake. 

You can find a range of aquatic programmes around the lake not only in the summer but almost all year round which is a strong argument why Lake Balaton should be your go‑to location to visit whatever the season. 


Those who would like to try water‑based activities other than the beach, have quite several options around Lake Balaton. Let’s see what other water programmes are waiting for you at the lake! 

Lake Balaton Cross Swimming – In The Winter

Few people know that the popular summer Balaton cross swimming has a little winter brother. In the summer nearly ten thousand people line up at the start. In the winter however, much fewer meet the requirements. The winter trial usually takes place in March and the designated distance is to be completed in a bitterly cold, 5°C (40°F) water. However, the winter version of the Lake Balaton Cross Swimming competition is not open to anyone: only those who have attended and successfully completed the trial swimming before the competition (usually twice) are eligible to participate in the icy competition. If you are an experienced swimmer and have the required physical fitness, why not give this challenge a try? 

SUP Round The Balaton – And The Year

Lake Balaton is a perfect place for the lovers of stand up paddling – or SUP in short. Paddling on the lake is heaps of fun from spring to late autumn on this lake which shows a different face every season – even each time of the day! Anyone can try SUP: regardless of sex and age, a sense of achievement is guaranteed. If you do not have your own SUP gear and do not want to invest in one, or it would be too much of a hassle to bring your own board and paddle from Budapest, do not worry: you can rent a SUP board and paddle at many locations around Balaton – the lack of gear won’t spoil the fun! 

A Timeless Classic: Sailing

Sailing is a way of life. There is a good reason it is the most popular sport on Lake Balaton where keen sailors can pursue their passion all year round. Numerous competitions take place each year for professionals and amateurs alike. The major ones are attended by the crème de la crème of the Hungarian sailing community. Fortunately nearly all settlements around the shoreline have sailing ports – and the few that do not, will have one at the next settlement. This means you should never have to travel far if you would like to enjoy the waves of the lake on a sailboat. And this experience is not exclusively for the professionals: everyone can rent a boat with its own captain at many locations – a great opportunity for those who have never been on a sailboat before but would like to enjoy the unique experience of sailing. 


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