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The New York Café

The New York CaféBudapestGreater Budapest

Do you thirst for great literature, while sipping your delicious coffee? Visit Budapest’s most famous café, the New York Café, where you can enjoy sophisticated brews and gastronomy in opulent, aristocratic surroundings! Feast your eyes on the spectacular decor, and take a load off in the place where so many Hungarian authors and poets have mused on the events of the world around them!  

The most beautiful café in the world

The uniqueness of the over 120-year-old New York Café is amply attested to by the fact that it has been awarded the prestigious title of the Most Beautiful Café In The World twice in recent years. You will see how the Café has earned this title the moment you arrive. Divided by spiral marble columns, the spacious hall is richly adorned with decorative gold and crystal elements. The external statues decorating the building largely contribute to its spectacular eclectic style: Fourteen gargoylesque fauns symbolizing playfulness and sensuality will stare back at you. You can also admire the figure of “El Ashmodai”, considered to be the symbol of coffee and contemplation. In short, if you are looking for a truly one-of-a-kind café in downtown Budapest, the New York Café awaits!  

“No café, no literature”

“No café, no literature” – opined Sándor Márai, renowned Hungarian writer of the 20th century, who often spent time at the New York Café himself. Numerous other renowned authors and poets also sought inspiration here, and the venue was frequented by many regulars of the artistic world. The literary significance of the café was already well understood at the time, and a free pen, ink, and paper were brought to anyone who requested them; in fact, less affluent artists could order the “writer’s menu” for mere pennies. Come visit, and find yourself captivated by the spirit of the era!  

How did the New York Café come by its name?

Do you know why this magnificent café located in the Hungarian capital bears the name of the city of New York? The reason is that this impressive building on the Nagykörút (Great Ring) once served as the headquarters of the New York Insurance Company. For its existence, we have one of the most famous Hungarian architects, Alajos Hauszmann to thank. He designed this picturesque four-storey palace along with the café located on its bottom floor, which has become an integral part of Hungarian cultural history since its inauguration in 1894.

Enter this breathtaking café and let yourself be swept up in the atmosphere of literature!