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The Roman Age up close: head to the Aquincum Museum

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If you like to experience history first hand, don't miss the Aquincum Museum in Óbuda: here you can tour a huge, interconnected Roman settlement, explore a number of 2,000-year-old monuments, inspect some unique, ancient finds, and reminisce about the memories of eras gone by, all in faithfully renovated buildings. Aquincum in Budapest awaits you! 

The Aquincum Museum in Budapest’s District III ensures year-round entertainment for its visitors: in addition to the captivating permanent and temporary exhibits, the museum also treats history buffs to a wide variety of events and activities.  

Permanent exhibits at the Aquincum Museum

  • Rome in Aquincum
    Admire the world-famous Aquincum organ and the breathtaking memorabilia of the governor’s palace. Investigate the stunning murals, the monumental statues for the sanctuary furnishings, the luxurious fountain and the reconstruction of a magnificent decorative pot carved in stone.
  • Mithras in Aquincum – the Symphorus mithraeum in Aquincum
    The Roman-era Shrine of Symphorus Mithras was restored with the reconstruction of the original building structure and contemporary structural forms and materials, thereby enriching the cityscape with a truly spectacular new element. Give yourself over to the sense of space, and experience up close what life would have been like in a Roman city.
  • Thermae Maiores – a 2,000-year-old wellness centre in the heart of Óbuda
    For the ancient Romans, bathing was an integral part of enjoying life. That is the reason why they built early “wellness centres”, which, in addition to personal hygiene, also served as places of relaxation, recreation and sports activities for visitors in ancient times. The so-called Great Bath or Thermae Maiores is one such example, and is also considered the largest Roman bath in Hungary. Make sure to check out the stunning Baths Museum as well.
  • Tegularium – history kneaded from clay
    Did you know that brick-making techniques made significant contributions to establishing the greatness of the Roman Empire? Discover where and how Roman bricks were made, how they were used, and what the inscriptions on the bricks might reveal.
  • Aquincum Visual Warehouse
    Take a close look at the archaeological finds representing part of the history of Aquincum, from prehistory to the Hungarian conquest, in chronological order and grouped thematically. You can inspect about 1,200 artefacts in the unique collection.  


Would you like to know the lay of the land before actually visiting the Aquincum Museum? Take part in a virtual tour before your visit.  

Temporary exhibits at the Aquincum Museum

In addition to the captivating permanent exhibits, you can also visit the Aquincum Museum to explore its unique temporary exhibits. Currently, you can immerse yourself in the memories of the Neolithic world at the exhibit entitled “A 7,000-year-old message”; but if you’re also interested in the museum’s previous temporary exhibits, click here to learn more. 

Exciting events and activities at the Aquincum Museum

If the many fabulous sights awaiting you at this museum in Óbuda are not enough, the institution regularly organises exciting events and activities for adults, families and seniors as well. From various art and craft workshops to archery, spear throwing, interactive guided tours or even a Roman-era summoning of the dead, you can choose from a variety of events to your liking. You should definitely visit at least one! Browse the museum's annual events calendar to find the one that best fits your interests!