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Veszprém-Balaton Cultural Programme 2023


Veszprém, the city of queens, is one of Hungary's gems, where old and new merge in perfect harmony. Lake Balaton sneaks into everyone's heart with its beautiful panorama and sky-blue water. Two places that have so much to offer in their own right have now united and shine brighter together, offering a single experience. Veszprém, together with the Bakony-Balaton region, has won the title of European Capital of Culture. 

This title is awarded by the European Union for one year. This gives the chosen city the chance to present itself to the world and introduce its cultural heritage. Athens started the series in 1985, and this year, along with Timisoara and Elefsina, Veszprém (together with the Balaton area) became the Cultural Capital of Europe. In addition to arts, music and literature, there will be no shortage of gastronomic experiences either. 


In 2023, a vibrant life and nearly 3,000 events welcome visitors in Veszprém and the Balaton area. The aim of the event is to highlight cultural diversity and develop the region. Another main aspect is sustainability, and giving new life to old buildings through the events. On the one hand, the choice of unconventional locations serves the purpose of filling less-visited parts of the city with content and life, and on the other hand, renovations and improvements raise the standard of the events. So, for example, the offer also includes concerts among the ruins and a festival held on an industrial estate.

Entertainment for 2,023 forints in the name of sustainability

MÁV and Volánbusz have also joined the event, and from 16 January visitors can travel to the event locations from anywhere in the country with discounted tickets. With a focus on transport sustainability, the price of the tickets is a symbolical HUF 2023 return. Tickets can be purchased online or in person.

From world stars to thermal power plants

The series of events offers variety throughout the year, but it is definitely worth visiting the area in summer, as there will be plenty of theatre, music, literary and community events. "July is the most exciting month in Veszprém, but this year it will be especially busy in the European Capital of Culture season." – said Gyula Porga, mayor of Veszprém. Music lovers can enjoy their favourite hits at the Street Music Festival, Rosé, Riesling and Jazz Days, or at Veszprémfest, which features global stars. The Káli Klasszik festival also offers a unique experience, where classical music moves from concert halls to nature.


And if you want a bit more extreme experience, then head to Várpalota in late August, where Hungary's first groundbreaking audiovisual festival will be held in three thermal power plants, which are no longer in operation. Here, electronic music and a special light show will welcome people looking for something new.

From past to present

Art lovers will not be bored either, because the Valley of the Arts offers more than two thousand events including literary, theatre and new circus performances, sports, excursions and various art workshops. The country's national arts festival will take place between 21 and 30 July. In addition, you can choose from hundreds of fine art shows and exhibitions. And the Privát Veszprém project will be a favourite with those who want to delve deeper into the culture of Veszprém. They can discover the history of the city through family stories and a photo collection. With the Térképvándor (Map Hiker) application, you can also see what the city looked like a few hundred years ago.


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