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Water-based adventures in South Transdanubia: take the plunge

Siklós CastleSiklós Pécs region

South Transdanubia is rich not only in delicious wines, but also in beneficial thermal waters. The baths in Harkány and Siklós offer unforgettable experiences, and heal a great number of conditions. 

The picturesque landscape patterned with the ridges of Mecsek has unrivalled treasures hidden deep down: under the sunny slopes and the vineyards full of fruits, beneficial medicinal water is trickling. This water supplies idyllic Turkish baths, medical baths unique on a European scale, and spas you can never get enough of. These enthral every member of the family all year round. 

Finding the devil

Legend has it that the valuable medicinal water of Harkány was burst forth by the devil. The lord of hell had his eye on a local girl, but as he could not get her, he became so angry that he jumped into the earth head first. At that place, the sulphuric medicinal water of the town burst out, and the spring continuously and enthusiastically supplies the pools in the 13.5-hectare park of the world-famous Thermal Bath and Spa of Harkány. Enjoy fun water slides, challenge your muscles in the still swimming pool, or relax in the purifying steam of the sauna world.  

At the foot of the castle

The deservedly famous thermal bath of Siklós awaits visitors in the direct vicinity of Siklós Castle, in fabulous natural surroundings, and the water reflects an impressive interior design, creating a unique milieu. Covering almost 5,000 square metres, there is ample space for everything you might need for perfect rejuvenation: there are pools with cold and warm water, pools for children and spa pools, Finnish and Russian saunas, an aromatic cabin, and even a salt cave. This is topped off with the beneficial effects of the thermal water.

Inspired by nature

Beyond the exciting world of baths, the ancient force of the Rivers Danube, Dráva and Mura offers various experiences. It’s worth being an early bird and going fishing or paddling as the sun rises. On a clear day, take a day trip to visit the biggest waterfall of Mecsek in Petnyák Valley, and try trout fried on an iron sheet at Óbánya Lakes.


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