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Wellness for two

DebrecenDebrecen and surroundings

Everyone needs to get away from their everyday life at some point; you need to rest and rejuvenate, and experience something that will help you relax and refresh. This is particularly true when you want to escape from the boring daily grind with your love for a day or two. Chose one of the relaxing or if you want, more adventurous wellness baths, where you will have nothing to do but be with each other.

One weekend when there is nothing else but the two of you, when you can relax and enjoy yourselves. What better place for a couple to accomplish all this than at a wellness hotel on a weekend? There are hundreds of wellness bath complexes in Hungary to choose from.

Debrecen, Aquaticum: Mediterranean experience

This huge Mediterranean indoor complex offers visitors a wide range of active and passive recreational activities. Swimming and wave pools, hot tubs, drift lanes and cave baths, plus many slides, ensure that you never get bored. If you are looking for peace and quiet, enjoy the saunas, wellness treatments and pampering massages. Try the raw coconut body treatment or the raw chocolate orange massage.

Kehida Thermal Bath and Spa: a bit of peace and quiet

The Kehida Thermal Bath and Spa in Kehidakustány has 2,400 square metres of water surface where visitors can relax and unwind. The different kinds of pools include medicinal pools, thermal pools and bubble pools and there is also a pool bar and a 94-metre-long giant slide, or if you are in search of something even more adventurous, you can try the outdoor kamikaze slide. The kids-free world is a perfect addition to the unique ambiance of the Mediterranean interior if you are actually looking for peace and quiet. Or you could just relax in the sauna oasis and enjoy the effect of the sauna enhanced by massages, body treatment, and refreshing or relaxing aroma tub baths.

Demjén Thermal Bath: a romantic fantasy world

The services offered in the Cascade Cave and Thermal Bath in Demjén change by the season, but the fantastic versatility of the bath remains the same. The cave bath takes to the world of fairy tales where you can truly forget out the world outside. If you visit the thermal unit, you will find medicinal water pools with features that help you relax, saunas and steam cabins, and also massages which ensure that you unwind and rejuvenate completely. But if you are looking for some adventure, try the outdoor water park. 

Gyula Castle Bath: a modern experience in a historic setting

In the direct vicinity of Gyula Castle, you can take a dip into the adventure and swimming pools of the Castle Bath equipped with massage benches and cabins, and enjoy the water actively or passively as you feel like. If you are looking for more adventure, why not try the Light Tunnel body slide, with visual effects, or the rafting slide? Unwind your body and soul in the sauna park that includes Finnish saunas, infra and aroma saunas, and a steam cabin as well, where on Saturday evenings you can enjoy the experience of sauna sessions. And if you want to grab a bite, head over to the pool bar for a cocktail without having to even leave the pool.


Napfényfürdő Aquapolis, Szeged: the city of sunshine, the wellness bath of sunshine

The indoor adventure pool complex of the Napfényfürdő is made even more exciting with waterfalls, bubble beds and other features, plus from here you can directly access the outdoor wellness pools. The exclusive quiet wellness unit is only open to people over 16, so if you want complete tranquillity, this is the place. If you crave some sports, just plunge into the huge infinity pool, speed down one of the eight slides or try the heat of one of the indoor saunas or the outdoor log sauna, followed by lounging on the benches designed for couples. Wrap up your experience with a massage or body treatment.