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Where science also plays an important role: Debrecen, the university city

The Botanical GardenDebrecenDebrecen and surroundings

Debrecen offers a wide range of fun activities, but also great opportunities to get closer to science: head to the University, the Botanical Garden and the exciting, wonder-filled world of Agora.

Debrecen’s name is not only linked to its Reformed heritage, but also to education and science. So if you’re visiting with your family, primary school or older children, you should also get to know the scientific side of the city. Take a stroll through Nagyerdő, the City Park of Debrecen, and visit the University of Debrecen (maybe the younger ones will want to continue their studies here, in this prestigious institution), or take a walk in the Botanical Garden behind the University, and finally try the interactive games at Agora, which explain the wonders of everyday life.

Legendary university, wonderful gardens

The University of Debrecen is one of the oldest continuously operating higher education institutions in the country, with nearly 30,000 students in 14 faculties. It’s not just its history and the success of education that are worth admiring, but also the architecture of the main building, built in 1927-1933 in an eclectic neo-baroque style, and the spacious French-style park in front of it, where graduating students jump into its fountain (at least according to tradition). Take a stroll through the Botanical Garden behind the University, especially if you like beautiful and unusual plants, because here you can see over 6,000 species.

Interactive experiences at Agora

The three-storey Agora Science Adventure Centre has more than 30 exciting interactive games to keep the whole family entertained. What is there to do? Have fun, laugh, think, explore. You can also get answers to the questions and wonders of everyday life, in a fun and accessible way. Now you just have to decide what you really want to do: study the planets or conduct experiments? Try it all!


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