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Whole-day activities in Győr: the zoo and the Raba Quelle

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Leisure and recreational activities for the whole family. Meet a white tiger at the zoo, while a wide array of adventure pools ensures entertainment at the local spa.

Győr has some great options for young and old alike. If you’ve already explored the town and its environs, head for the zoo to admire both exotic animals and those indigenous to Hungary, all in a splendid environment. But don’t miss the Rába Quelle Spa, Thermal Bath and Pool Complex either, where everyone will have great fun, no matter their age.

Exciting animals, exciting activities

Observe the animals under the shade of the trees in a splendid environment or participate in a spectacular show at the Arena, where the trainers will acquaint you with the residents of the zoo. The zoo’s most special animal is undoubtedly the aardvark, originally indigenous to Africa. This strange creature is able to dig itself under the earth in minutes and eats up to 50,000 termites in a single night. The zoo’s biggest attraction is the white tiger. The first specimen was the venerable Raul, who has since had several offspring. Separate from the zoo, downtown Füles Bastion is well worth visiting too: at this interactive ecological demonstration site, you can immerse yourself in the dense jungles of the Amazon, get to know the everyday life of leaf-cutting ants, among other things, and even take a closer look at the inhabitants of the jungles of South America.

Entertainment and healing in the Rába Quelle

Time to relax

What could be a better activity in the ‘city of rivers’ than bathing? The Rába Quelle has everything you could want: whether you’re seeking entertainment or healing, it won’t disappoint. The certified thermal waters of the medicinal pools are equally suited for healing degenerative bone and joint diseases, chronic inflammatory joint and muscle conditions, and gynaecological problems. The two-storey sauna world of the complex is the island of tranquillity itself, housing a Finnish sauna, infrared saunas, steam cabins, a tepidarium and a salt cabin. In this extraordinary environment, indoor and outdoor adventure pools ensure carefree relaxation.

The bath is currently under renovation and is expected to reopen in 2023. Medical services, however, are still available for guests.

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