Hungary is a land of creative recipes, quality ingredients, and friendly service, providing a vivid fusion of authentic and modern meals. A gastronomic revolution has taken place here in the past few years. New restaurants, bistros and street food places have opened on every corner of the capital city.


Finally a meat dish that’s flavourful enough, yet not too spicy. Inspired by game dishes, this slightly sour, slightly sweet vegetable sauce is actually made from mustard, carrots and other vegetables. It is typically served with various meats and bread dumplings on the side.


Goulash is the dish with which Hungarian cuisine is associated. Undoubtedly, it contains all the classic ingredients of a Hungarian dish: one that incorporates spicy paprika, lecsó, fat and an onion base concentrated in a stew. It can be thinner, in which case it’s a soup, but it can also be concentrated like a stew, which makes it a one-course meal.

Chicken paprikás

We dare say that this is the most commonly prepared dish in Hungarian households. It features all the typical ingredients of Hungarian cuisine: paprika powder, onions, garlic, green peppers, tomatoes, pepper, sour cream and meat. All this, accompanied by the uncrowned king of absorbing gravy: nokedli.

Somló dumplings

This chocolate-vanilla dessert served in a glass, made with sponge cake with a giant whipped cream mushroom on top is a favourite of all Hungarian children. It’s not even such an old invention, because the first time it was made was for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair.

The cake that’s like a drum

All children think that Dobos cake (dob means drum in Hungarian) is named after the hard caramel glaze that covers the top, as it’s just as circular and just as hard as a drum.

The Tastes and Traditions of Pálinka

Like French champagne and gorgonzola cheese, Hungarian pálinka (fruit spirit) has the status of a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). This means that it must be fermented exclusively from fruit grown in Hungary, not from concentrates, distilled and also bottled in Hungary. Fruit pulp is permitted, dried fruit in the ageing process.

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