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Special sporting events

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Every year, Hungary hosts several prestigious World and European championships, national tournaments and matches. During the various events, gigantic arenas, sport halls and stadiums are filled with enthusiastic fans, and we welcome visitors to be a part of the biggest moments in sporting history too.  

On two wheels through the most beautiful Hungarian landscapes

What’s better than following in the slipstreams of cyclists and exploring the country's most beautiful landscapes? Visit the key sights and tourist attractions of the Hungarian locations of the Giro d’Italia.

Budapest welcomes sports lovers with open arms

Hungary is home to a number of large-scale sporting events, some of which are held in the capital. Cheering at World and European championships is an experience never to forget, especially when you are supporting competitors in a special sport like modern pentathlon. 

Goal spree and discovery: what Budapest offers football lovers

Football’s popularity attracts many fans to matches, and it’s worth combining this sporting experience with sightseeing. The capital has countless places to discover for those who want to explore the world-famous sights beyond the stadiums. 

The romantic landscapes of Hungary welcome you: discover the stages of the Tour de Hongrie.

The most prestigious Hungarian road cycling race is exciting in itself, but it is also worth visiting the country after the event and exploring the beauty of different routes on foot or by bike. 

Escape to nature in the middle of the city: hidden islands of peace in Budapest

Most people in Hungary think of darts as a pub game, but over the past decade it has matured into a serious sport. There are more and more places in Budapest where amateurs and professionals alike can demonstrate what it means to have a steady hand and a pin-point finish. 

Miracles outside the capital – discover Budapest’s surroundings

Budapest attracts lots of visitors every year, especially when popular sporting events offer an extra reason to come. For those looking for a quieter, more ‘off the beaten track’ experience, there are plenty of hidden treasures to be explored in the towns surrounding Budapest.

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