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Sporting memorials

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Pay tribute to the legends and historic moments of Hungarian sport and discover Hungarian landscapes and cities while you’re doing it.  

The tomb of Ferenc Puskás in St. Stephen’s Basilica

Ferenc Puskás (whose nickname was Uncle Öcsi) is the most legendary figure in Hungarian football. Since his death is tomb has become a popular tourist destination. Visit the crypt of St. Stephen’s Basilica in the centre of Budapest. 

The Olympic Memorial and the Wall of Olympic Athletes in Olimpia Park

The greatest celebration in the world of sports, the Olympics, has been a cradle of success for Hungarian athletes for decades. One the nicest parks in Budapest is a tribute to the Hungarian Olympic, Paralympic and Deaflympic champions, as well as to the Olympic ideal.

Olivér Halassy, the Legend of Hungarian Water Polo

The early 20th century provided no shortage of Hungarian heroes in aquatic sports: Olivér Halassy, who made his mark in both swimming and water polo, was one such giant. You can visit the statue of the legendary athlete in front of the sports and leisure centre in Újpest that bears his name.

A thousand years of history and a monument to the Golden Team

Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park usually brings to mind the famous Feszty cyclorama. But there's enough to see at the Heritage Park to last a whole day, including a monument to a special part of Hungarian history, the legendary Golden Team.

The graves of the Golden Team

The Golden Team, the most successful Hungarian national football team of all time, is legendary the world over. None of the team are still alive but football fans may want to visit their graves.

The first sports museum outside Budapest is in Cegléd

Opened in 1992, the Cegléd Sports Museum offers visitors an incredibly rich exhibition, presenting the famous athletes and sporting life of the town. The first sports museum outside the Hungarian capital should be a popular destination for anyone interested in sport.