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Huge arenas, stands for thousands of people and scenes of historical sporting moments: the country's various stadiums, the centres of sporting life, offer amazing experiences, and not just for sports fans. The arenas in Hungary's major cities are often used as venues for cultural events and concerts, but the buildings themselves are also worth visiting. Let's visit Hungary’s cities and discover the secrets of their stadiums.  

World-class technical features and classical art meet in Budapest's newest indoor sports venue: MVM Dome

The games of the 2022 European Men's Handball Championship were the first international sports events to take place in Budapest's newest multifunctional sports arena, the MVM Dome. The latest achievements of modern technology can be seen throughout the building, but classical art also influenced the design.

The largest public building in Hungary, which is considered one of the best stadiums in the world: Puskás Arena

A gigantic arena that fully meets the expectations of the 21st century welcomes football fans in Budapest, on the site of the once legendary Népstadion (People’s Stadium). The Puskás Arena is worthy of Hungarian football life in its appearance, dimensions and spirit, and is also a great venue for prestigious cross-border football tournaments.

Sports and concerts in “the Pebble”: László Papp Budapest Sports Arena

One of the largest indoor sports arenas in Hungary, the uniquely shaped, multi-purpose, Papp László Budapest Sports Arena was built on the site of a legendary old arena, which came to a dramatic end. The facility hosts both prestigious international sports competitions and concerts by the most popular international stars.

21st century building on the site of the iconic Fradi Stadium: Groupama Arena

The Üllői út stadium has been a legendary haunt of Fradi fans for decades. Today, an international-standard facility capable of hosting top matches and concerts for tens of thousands of people stands on the site of the old Stadion Albert Flórián.

High-class matches and a running track between the trees: Nagyerdei Stadion

The Debrecen VSC football team, popularly known as Loki, got a new home in Debrecen Nagyerdő in 2014. Since then, the new stadium has been the scene of a whole series of domestic and international matches, and its running track has a special and exciting feature.

Sports and recreation at the Tiszavirág Swimming Centre in Szeged

Szeged and the Tisza River are inseparable: perhaps that is why the city's newest swimming pool, which is of international standard, has been named after the Tisza mayfly, one of the river’s most emblematic species.