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Sports tourism

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The passion for taking part and watching sports gets people out in droves in Hungary: lots of people attend matches or competitions with their family, friends or even alone, but it is worth staying a little longer in the country’s sporting destinations, both big and small. As well as sporting events, here are countless sights, tourist attractions and wonderful landscapes to see too.  

Special sporting events

Every year, Hungary hosts several prestigious World and European championships, national tournaments and matches. During the various events, gigantic arenas, sport halls and stadiums are filled with enthusiastic fans, and we welcome visitors to be a part of the biggest moments in sporting history too.  

Sports facilities

Huge arenas, stands for thousands of people and scenes of historical sporting moments: the country's various stadiums, the centres of sporting life, offer amazing experiences, and not just for sports fans.

Sporting memorials

Pay tribute to the legends and historic moments of Hungarian sport and discover Hungarian landscapes and cities while you’re doing it.