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Advent Bazilika19 November, 2021 - 01 January, 2022

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Advent Bazilika

Advent at the Basilica has opened in St. Stephen’s square in the heart of Budapest! A whole host of incredible vendors await the festive crowd with their beautiful handicrafts and wonderful delicacies, alongside a 12-meter-tall Christmas tree, projection mapping, a selfie point, and an ice rink.

The market voted 2019’s ’Best Christmas Fair in Europe’ awaits visitors in splendour, and the organizers have taken extra precautions to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the greatest sense of security while they soak up the Advent atmosphere. In the very center of the market stands the monumental, beautifully-decorated Christmas tree, together with the special selfie point and the ice rink, the last of which is free for children to use. Around them are around 100 Hungarian craftsmen and culinary tradespeople, all ready to offer their wonderful wares to the crowd. An additional element of this year’s market is the „Advent Anno” photo exhibition, which is open to all.