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Auer Festival01-06 August, 2023

Auer FestivalVeszprémPhoto: Gábor Gáspár

Since 2010, the AUER Festival has been commemorating the world-famous musician of Veszprém, bringing the crème de la crème of classical music to Veszprém. 

Come and meet some of today's top Hungarian and international classical musicians!


Angol szöveg: Since 2015, Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra of Veszprém has been hosting the annual Auer Festival in Veszprém at the beginning of August in honour of Lipót Auer, world-famous violinist and violin educator born in Veszprém. One of the main aims of the festival is to bring to Auer's native city world-famous artists who are key figures on the international concert scene, and to make the international music world aware that Lipót Auer, one of the most influential pedagogical figures of 20th century violin music, was Hungarian, born in Veszprém, and it was here that he received the support needed to launch his uniquely successful career.