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Between Paradise and Hell: The Enigmatic World of Hieronymus Bosch09 April - 17 July, 2022

The Enigmatic World of Hieronymus BoschBudapestMuseum of Fine Arts



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Between Paradise and Hell: The Enigmatic World of Hieronymus Bosch

Not only will the Budapest show be the largest ever presentation of the master’s works and art in Central Europe, but also one of the most significant Bosch exhibitions worldwide in the last fifty years.

More than five centuries after the master’s death, the inimitable art of Hieronymus Bosch is still replete with mystery, tantalising us with countless enigmas. This handpicked selection of almost ninety works – including eleven autographed canvases, representing almost half of the Netherlandish master’s painting oeuvre – seeks to showcase some of the eternal themes of humanity that Bosch addressed in his art in such an original manner, including the choice between virtue and vice, questions of faith and truth, the unharnessed experience and harnessing of desire, and the spirituality of human existence.


Besides autographed paintings and drawings, the exhibition will display precursors to Bosch’s oeuvre, along with the most distinctive masterpieces from his workshop and by his followers.



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Header image:

Hieronymus Bosch
Last Judgement (middle panel)
c. 1515
© Musea Brugge, www.artinflanders.be, Photo: Dominique Provost