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Blue Ribbon22-24 July, 2021

Blue RibbonBalatonfüredPhoto: Áron Szántó



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Blue Ribbon

The first Blue Ribbon Round the Lake Balaton Race (Kékszalag) was held in 1934, and then again every two years until 2001 (except in 1944 and 1946, due to WWII). Since 2001, the race has been held annually as a response to greatly increased demand, but the sailing course has remained more or less the same since its inauguration, covering approximately 170km between the start and finish lines at Balatonfüred, and with turning points at Balatonkenese at the East of the lake, and Keszthely in the West. 

The Blue Ribbon is traditionally held in July on a weekend close to the full moon, so as to offer some light to help with nighttime navigation. It begins on a Friday morning with a time limit of 48 hours to complete the course, with the fastest boats in each class declared the winners.