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Budapest Central European Fashion Week02-06 February, 2023

Budapest Central European Fashion WeekBudapestPhoto: HFDA

Budapest Central European Fashion Week is presenting a new concept in February

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency is organising the Budapest Central European Fashion Week (BCEFW) between 2-6 February. BCEFW will feature a new concept, which will allow designers to present their latest collections in the form of creative presentations. The Agency is organising the Fashion Week in four iconic Budapest locations ahead of the major international fashion weeks, ensuring the presence of international professionals at the event, raising the international profile of national, and regional designers and strengthening the image of Hungary. 


The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency organises Budapest Central European Fashion Week, one of the most important fashion events in the Central European region, twice a year. The 11th edition of the event will take place between 2-6 February 2023 at various locations in Budapest. The main event on the 4th and 5th of February will host designer presentations at four venues: the National Dance Theatre, the Hungarian National Museum, the Museum of Ethnography, and the ELTE University Library.


"This year, the main feature of the first Fashion Week of the year is the presentation of collections which will be strategically held in several iconic locations in Budapest. Many successful international examples show that such a creative event has the effect of stimulating interest in a destination. Highly read, international journalists and influencers with extensive followings can shine a light on Budapest's beautiful sights and extraordinary attractions to a wide audience. This is why we organise a hospitality tour every season, which gives them the opportunity to discover the beauty of the city and the Hungarian gastronomic delights. Our aim is to strengthen Budapest's role as a regional tourist destination’ and the country's image in general, not only through the’ creativity of the designers but also through the diversity of the locations" - said Zsófia Jakab, CEO of the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency, about the concept change. 

In January 2023, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency set up the Advisory Board to support the BCEFW event. The primary objective of the Advisory Board is to improve the functioning and attractiveness of the fashion sector in Central and Eastern Europe, to develop a more efficient support system focusing on domestic and regional designers and young talents, and to discuss current issues affecting the fashion industry, taking into account various sustainability and technological aspects. To achieve all these objectives, the Advisory Board has invited prominent, internationally recognised industry players such as the co-founder of a globally renowned Hungarian brand, the commercial director of an online premium brand store, the head of the fashion department of a luxury chain, and the editor-in-chief of the Eastern European edition of an international fashion magazine.


"The development of this year's BCEFW program was preceded by a bold change in strategy and concept. In line with the ever-changing industry trends and the philosophy of the fashion week, HFDA has also rethought the structure of the event, taking into account key opportunities for growth and collaboration. We believe that by working with the internationally recognised members of the newly established Advisory Board, the brands that will be exhibiting at our show will be able to reach new sales levels in the future" - said Anita Forintos-Szűcs, Deputy CEO of HFDA. 


A special feature of BCEFW, which will showcase the Autumn-Winter 2023/24 collections, is that designers will be introducing themselves through presentations. The brands will have the opportunity to further assert their own characteristics through unique and innovative concepts, and to better attract the attention of the profession and the public through the creative freedom of expression offered by the Agency. In addition to the presentations of 15 Hungarian, 2 Polish, and 2 Slovakian fashion brands, the Fashion Week program will feature a number of side events and a BCEFW pop-up store will open its doors to customers on Fashion Street. 


The Agency's main objective with this event is to integrate the Hungarian fashion and design industry into the international professional circuit and, in the longer term, to turn Budapest into a regional centre, thus strengthening the country’s image. In February this year, the HFDA will be assisted in this by leading international media such as the Italian, Czech, and Ukrainian VOGUE, the British Forbes, and the American and Serbian ELLE magazines, which will be covering Budapest Central European Fashion Week.


More information: HTTPS://BCEFW.COM/