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Budapest Cirque Festival12-17 January, 2022

Budapest Cirque FestivalBudapestPhoto: Ádám Urbán



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Budapest Cirque Festival

7 days, 10 shows: a week in the spirit of the art of the circus!

The best representatives of the profession all in one place, including circus directors and art leaders!


The art of the circus has been kept alive for centuries thanks to those who believe in the limitless nature of human performance, and twenty-five years ago, led by István Kristóf, a group of such professionals established the Budapest International Circus Festival. Today’s performers bring fresh interpretations and breathe new life into established traditions, all with the very greatest respect for the founders of the event. The festival offers modern performances, but ones that follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before, as it celebrates the hard work and commitment of all those who help to keep the tradition alive.





Source: Capital Circus of Budapest