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Dunament Fish Festival16 July, 2022

Dunament Fish FestivalMohács



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Please be advised that the events and programmes announced on the website will be held depending on the severity of the prevailing pandemic situation. As such, the information in the article serves information purposes only. The organisers reserve the right to cancel or postpone such events and programmes. Make sure to visit the events’ official website for the latest news.

Dunament Fish Festival

Equidistant from the river’s Black Forest spring and its Black Sea estuary, the town of Mohács is the perfect location for the Dunament (Danube's) Fish Festival.

The event is both gastronomic and cultural, centred around cultural values and the celebration of Danube fish dishes, most particularly the Mohácsi Halászlé, as featured in the Baranya (Region) Treasury. Organised by the Hungarian Germans (the Swabians), the event centres around Swabian traditions and folk art, with festival entertainment provided by performances from Hungarian folk-dance groups, bands, singers, and Austrian performers. Handicraft and folk-art fairs will add to the atmosphere, while plenty of children’s activities await our younger visitors.


Culinary events

- Cooking opportunities for family and friend groups

- Chance to judge prepared dishes in cooking competitions

- Fishing demonstrations 

- HALPONT: Mohács fish soup, catfish stew, and other fish dishes


Cultural events

- Traditional Swabian street (interactive show)

- Representatives of the Swabian national culture onstage

- Austrian performers

- BONBON concert

- Performance from Austrian folk group Die Mayrhofner

- Diamant Kapelle street dance performance


Other events

- HalfesztFutás marathon along the Danube embankment

- Sightseeing cruises on the brand new Mohács I catamaran

- Fishing show at Boki-Danube, in collaboration with the Duna-Dráva National Park

- Children’s corner featuring arts and crafts, traditional games, face painting, and more

- Farmer’s markets, and handicraft and folk-art fairs



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