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Eros Ramazzotti19 April, 2023

Eros RamazzottiBudapest

With 70 million records sold, 2 billion streams, and almost 2 billion views on YouTube, Eros Ramazzotti is unquestionably one of the most successful artists ever, a creator of songs that have left their indelible mark on the history of Italian music and been heard all around the world. 

After 14 studio albums, several sold out European and world tours, and innumerable awards, accolades, and acknowledgements, Eros Ramazzotti is now celebrating 35 years of his career, and to mark the occasion, he kicked off his “World Tour Premiere”, 10 exclusive previews of a new chapter in his artistic and musical career. Spanning 5 of the most prestigious arenas in the world, the shows began on the 15th of September last year at La Maestranza in Seville, before moving on to Agrigento, Verona, Athens, and Caesarea.


Before this, in November 2021, Ramazzotti became the first Italian artist to sign a global deal for his artistic activity around the world in the form of an agreement between Radiorama – the legacy company that produces all of his artistic work - and Vertigo, an Italian company part of the Eventim Live International group, a German entertainment giant. For the first time, an Italian artist has partnered with a single entity, a leader in the field of live production, on all aspects of his career.


The last album by Ramazzotti, Vita Ce N'è, was back in 2018, and was followed by the colossal "Vita Ce N'è World Tour" of over 90 shows in 32 countries around the world, opening at the Olympiahalle in Munich with a double sold out performance. The album marked the beginning of the project of remastering the records that have marked his artistic journey, reissuing them on vinyl and in digital format. This musical voyage travels through many different stages to rediscover a timeless back catalogue that includes classics such as "Dove C'è Musica", "Nuovi Eroi", "Tutte Storie", "ER9S", "Stilelibero", "In Ogni Senso", "In Certi Momenti", and many more.