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Etyeki Piknik 12 - April ALSO SYROUPS09-10 April, 2022

Etyeki Piknik 12EtyekPhoto: Tamás Mák



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Etyeki Piknik 12 - April ALSO SYROUPS

The Etyeki Piknik is no more, but say hello to the Etyeki Piknik 12!

The news that early January would host the last Etyeki Piknik came as quite a shock for a great many people, but the organizers were quick to reassure us that this would by no means be the end. Instead, they told us, this was more of a “recharge”, with something fresh and new in the pipeline, ready to be launched. And here it is: the Etyeki Piknik 12!


For the last 20 years, Etyek has been home to incredible festivals and events all year round, beginning back in 2003 with the first of what would become legendary events, the Cellar Festival and the Kezes-Lábos. For 10 years, the locals staged these 2 festivals each year, and such was their popularity that the names were known across the country, attracting visitors from across the length and breadth of Hungary. So much so, that it came as something of a surprise when the organizers announced the end of this extremely successful setup in 2013. However, festivalgoers needn’t have worried, because what looked like an ending was actually a beginning, with the launch of the new, seasonal Etyeki Piknik the following year. Over the next 10 years, this new event proved even more popular than the last, and this time we knew better than to panic when the organizers announced its end. Instead, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the latest brainchild from the people of Etyek, and here it is: the Etyeki Piknik 12!


But what exactly is it, we hear you ask? Well, it’s exactly as the name suggests: exciting events twelve times a year, featuring unique themes for each month, accompanied by fantastic activities and attractions. The events will be seasonal and will relate to the imagination and the traditions of the local people of Etyek, covering carnival delights, donuts, sports, outdoor acoustic music, spicy meals, and much more. And, to the delight of its many fans, we can confirm that Goose Fest will also continue as part of the setup! Finally, to round off the good news, the organizers have confirmed that not only will the number of events be increased each year, but also the number of venues taking part in each one, with additional cellar doors being opened across more of Etyek’s iconic venues.


The Etyeki Piknik 12 begins with the April event, ALSO SYROUPS, with new events to follow every month after. To whet your appetite, here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:







September BIKEBAR




January WINE&BAR

February FUNK




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