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Goose Fest 2021 Etyek13 November, 2021

Goose Fest 2021EtyekPhoto: Tamás Mák



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Goose Fest 2021 Etyek

Lovers of new wine and goose dishes are getting ready!


On November 13th, the people of Etyek will await you on the Gastro Promenade for the traditional GOOSE FEST. From 10am there will be goose dishes, new wines and warming drinks, as well as the opportunity to take part in the famous herding competition, the Goose Run.

According to superstition, making goose dishes and new wines staves off hunger and thirst for the coming year, protecting you and your guests. We’re not sure quite how superstitious the people of Etyek are, but they certainly get into the spirit of things and make sure that there’s no shortage of either! So, head on down and drink your fill of new wine and warming drinks to wash down a huge variety of goose dishes, including soups, pâtés, roasts, strudels, and many more.


The magical autumn colors of the Gastro Promenade will also play host to a number of other leisure activities and excursions, the most famous of which is the Goose Run. Those who wish to participate and declare themselves intellectual heirs of Ludas Matyi can take part either using their own goose, or by borrowing a so-called “tuning goose” from the event’s organizers. As in previous years, participants will be required to guide their feathered friend around the vine-bordered Etyek Ring. We must stress that there are lots of rules in place to ensure that the geese are fully protected at all times, and no geese will be harmed in the making of this event!


The winner of the Run will be decided by audience votes, and one lucky audience member will be selected to receive a wonderful prize of mouth-watering gifts from Etyeki producers. We can hardly wait to see which of our feathered friends, Gőgös, Gúnár, Gedeon or Pötyi, will be crowned the winner!


At this time of year, the surrounding countryside is also truly magical, and you can rent an e-bike to take a tour and soak up the beautiful autumnal scenery.