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Gyenesdiás OffRoad Festival 202225-28 August, 2022

GyenesdiásPhoto by: Gyenesdiás OffRoad Festival

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Please be advised that the events and programmes announced on the website will be held depending on the severity of the prevailing pandemic situation. As such, the information in the article serves information purposes only. The organisers reserve the right to cancel or postpone such events and programmes. Make sure to visit the events’ official website for the latest news.

Gyenesdiás OffRoad Festival is back!


Some like it fast, and between August the 25th and the 28th the Faludi Plain in Gyenesdiás will once more host lovers of the offroad experience. 

Balaton’s biggest and best offroad festival is a real rarity, drawing international crowds with its range of spectacular automobile attractions, and providing an incredible spectator experience for all ages. Prepare to be amazed as the contestants tackle the most extreme challenges, navigating muddy tracks and dust pits in their quads and self-tuned vehicles. 


During the day, catch challenges including mud-speeding, wallow-track, wicked-pit, witch-valley, and tug-of-war with a rubber rope, and take advantage of guided tours and free cross-country driving to make it an unforgettable experience. Then, when night falls, enjoy a spectacular, starry panoramic ride, before indulging in the real feeling of summer festival fun.


But be warned, the event motto is ’Legyensáros!’ (Get muddy!), so come prepared!