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Győrkids Festival01-03 July, 2022

Győrkids FestivalGyőrPhoto: Szilvia Bognár



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Győrkids Festival

In 2022 Győrkids Festival will be held from the 1st to the 3rd of July. The event is organized by the 30-year old Vaskakas Puppet Theatre.

For one weekend, Győr’s whole city centre will turn into a gigantic playground for a children’s festival that embraces all kinds of art forms, and much more! 


In 2008, Vaskakas Puppet Theatre created and organized the first Győrkids Festival. With its 50,000 visitors, Győrkids became one of the largest children’s festivals, not only in Hungary, but also in Central Europe. The festival includes all kinds of art forms and offers free entry to children under 14; all they have to do to get their free ticket is to submit a photo of themselves with a big smile on their face!


In 2022 the events will take place throughout the Historical City Centre and will be separated thematically by the different art forms, covering „Story Town”, „Győrkids Village”, „Paint! Parkland”, „Poem-Play-Square”, and „Melody Stage”, as well as „Baby Garden” for the youngest, and „Science Port” for the budding scientists.



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