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Hortobágy Equestrian Days15-17 July, 2022

Hortobágy Equestrian DaysHortobágyMáta



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Hortobágy Equestrian Days

Past and present meet in the utopian Hortobágy for three days in the land of the herdsmen.

Over recent decades, the Hortobágy Equestrian Days Festival has grown into the region's most influential event, and one that is well-known beyond the country's borders. Bringing to the fore both the past and present of the area’s unique culture, the event affords visitors the chance to be introduced to the incredible horse breeding programme at Máta, the region’s primary stud farm, and to Hortobágy’s long history of pastoral activities. The Hortobágy Equestrian Days Festival brings together all aspects of life with horses, offering a rich experience for horsemen, both professional and amateur, and for visitors of all ages.


In addition to the qualification races of the National Gallop and other equestrian competitions, there will be a dance hall, children's equestrian events, folk music concerts, and authentic local cuisine.




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Photos: Főnix Rendezvényszervező