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Hunfilex 2022 World Stamp Exhibition31 March - 03 April, 2022

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Please be advised that the events and programmes announced on the website will be held depending on the severity of the prevailing pandemic situation. As such, the information in the article serves information purposes only. The organisers reserve the right to cancel or postpone such events and programmes. Make sure to visit the events’ official website for the latest news.

Hunfilex 2022 World Stamp Exhibition

The National Association of Hungarian Philatelists (MABÉOSZ) will celebrate the centenary of its foundation in 2022, and to mark the occasion it will organize the HUNFILEX 2022 World Stamp Exhibition, to be held in Budapest between the 31st of March and the 3rd of April 2022. 

Stamps are an integral part of our universal culture and, ever since the issue of the famous Black Penny in the United Kingdom on the 6th May 1840, stamp collecting has risen to become the most popular collector’s hobby in the world. The strength and niveau of the philatelic movement of a country is best measured by its ability to organize the international stamp exhibitions that have been held regularly since the last quarter of the 19th century.


The Exhibition will take place under the patronage of FIP (Fédération Internationale de Philatélie) and will also be supported by the FEPA (Federation of European Philatelic Associations). Through this wonderful exhibition, Huniflex 2022 looks to strengthen the reputation of Hungarian philately, and to acquaint as many people as possible with both the history and the future of this popular hobby.



Exhibition classes:

  • World Stamp Championship Class
  • Traditional Philately
  • Postal History
  • Revenue
  • Thematic Philately
  • Open class
  • One-Frame Exhibits
  • Philatelic Literature