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Jazzfest Budapest27 April - 12 May, 2022

Jazzfest BudapestBudapestPhoto: Severin Koller



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Please be advised that the events and programmes announced on the website will be held depending on the severity of the prevailing pandemic situation. As such, the information in the article serves information purposes only. The organisers reserve the right to cancel or postpone such events and programmes. Make sure to visit the events’ official website for the latest news.

Jazzfest Budapest

Jazz is alive, jazz is creative, jazz is free, jazz is unique, jazz is a celebration.

10+ venues, 200+ performers, 60+ concerts across the city.

With the dedicated work of small clubs, music venues and GetCloser Concerts for jazz in the capital, we have created a solid professional foundation to create JAZZFEST BUDAPEST. Our aim is to create a true celebration of the genre, taking place all over the city, in clubs, music pubs and public spaces, that will attract the attention of the whole world and put the capital city back on the world map of music, making it the capital of music.


During the sixteen days of the festival, jazz will be played in various venues throughout the city (BJC, Eötvös10, Fonó, Gödör, IF Café, Jedermann, Lumen, Mixát, MoMkult, Italian Institute, Turbina, MTVA), including special, unique performances, spontaneous music-making sessions that will entice old and hopefully new audiences. Several cultural institutes have been involved in shaping the programme, thus enriching it.


The festival will feature musicians from 16 countries (Hungarian, American, Polish, Slovak, Austrian, Austrian, Australian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, English, German, Norwegian, Swiss, Romanian, Spanish and French), some of them in their own and some of them in co-production.


The International Jazz Day on 30 April will be a special highlight, with free open-air concerts to celebrate the genre.



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