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Kerekdomb Festival17-19 September, 2021

Kerekdomb FestivalTállya



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Kerekdomb Festival

Four days of wine tasting, hiking, relaxing, theatre, movies, literature, and music
Kerekdomb Festival – the tastiest of all the autumn festivals.

Between September 17th and 19th, the tiny village of Tállya in the Tokaj wine region will unlock the gates of its aged mansion, open the doors of its churches, and decorate its streets and wine cellars.


The most atmospheric autumn festival of Nothern Hungary will take place among the Tokaj vineyards under the golden September sun. The 2021 Kerekdomb Festival will attract the best Hungarian artists and performers, together with their audiences, to share in wine and fun.

Wineries from Tállya, including Zsadányi Pincészet, Homoky Pincészet, Szóló Pincészet, Szűcs Pince and Somszög Birtok, are looking forward to opening their wine cellars and presenting their delicious wines while talking about the legends and secrets of the Tokaj wine region.


The Oroszlános Wine Hotel will also be organising sunset hunting and panoramic wine tasting walks through the vineyards, featuring fascinating stories about the footpaths of Tállya.