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Libadalom 2021 Siófok12-14 November, 2021

Libadalom 2021 SiófokBalatonSiófok



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Libadalom 2021 Siófok

Siófok is big on food in the autumn season, and between the 12th and 14th of November Hungarian traditions will come alive at the city’s food festival, Libadalom. All weekend, Siófok celebrates Márton day traditions that center around geese and wine.

The daytime scheduling will feature many children’s games and plays on stage, while the evenings will see great music guaranteed to get us dancing, as Hungarian bands perform their best hits from the 80s, 90s and 00s. Sing along to performances from popular Hungarian artists such as Erika Zoltán and V-Tech, and don’t forget to check out the many great local bands from Siófok also featured on the lineup.


Alongside all this, make sure to taste the autumn specialities of the region by visiting vendors to try their best goose and duck recipes, their delicious, fresh street food selections, and some great new wines of 2021.



Source: Siófok Guide Facebook Site