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Oldtimer Show08-10 October, 2021

Oldtimer ShowBudapest



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Oldtimer Show

The Oldtimer Show in Budapest will be held for the 16th time, and once again the site will be the Hungarian Railway History Park.

Antique cars and motorbikes, the staples of the Oldtimer Show, will be on display, and this year the Hungarian audience has an unmissable opportunity to see the world’s first ever hybrid car: the 1916 Woods-Stanley electric-petrol-powered, wooden-wheeled, giant car.


As if this wasn’t enough, the Oldtimer show will also feature the very first public outing of the Relic Carriage carrying St. Stephen’s crown. The gilded vehicle, which is itself extremely impressive, will be presented on track 28 of the locomotive-circular heating house, with Crown Guards dressed in ornamental Hungarian uniforms standing guard alongside it.


In the outer areas of the large park, big U.S. cars will be on show, featuring a caravan exhibition and terrain rally racing cars. In the spirit of traditionalism, there will once again be a „Backyard and Craft Fair”, where visitors can buy homemade sausages, cheese, honey, jam and spices directly from producers, as well as sample freshly baked chimney cakes, craft beer, wine, and “pálinka”. However, this year’s show will also feature a hospitality novelty in the form of the “Food-TruckCaravan” on the main street.