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OPEN WATER TOURNAMENT 2021 Gyékényes21 August, 2021




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Discover Hungary by swimming! Open Water Tournament in Lake Balaton, the Danube, and the diver’s lake of Gyékényes!

Discover Hungary by swimming!


The Open Water Tournament (OWT) is a unique open water swimming tournament that pits swimmers against each other over a number of different distances and water types, allowing them to experience Hungary’s diverse aquatic environment while using it as a sports venue. At the end of the tournament, the champions of Hungarian open water swimming will be selected, but every participant will finish with a much clearer picture of the type and distance of open water they perform the best in.



Why OWT?


“…there is no march in mud, no avoiding buoys, or accumulated mass of water, only the finish line, the aquatic environment and YOU!”



Gyékényes quarry lake


Gyékényes is in the immediate vicinity of the Croatian border, only 30 mins from Nagykanizsa by car, and the town’s largest quarry lake is called Kotro. With a depth of 12 to 15 metres, the waters are completely clear due to the gravel lakebed, and the swimming lane is built around an island, with amateurs swimming 1 lap around, and professionals 3.


· Amateurs: 3K | Gyékényes Diving Center

· Professionals: 9K | Gyékényes Diving Center