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Opre Roma - benefit concert for the International Romani Day07 April, 2022

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Opre Roma - benefit concert for the International Romani Day

International Romani Day is coming up on the 8th of April, and a benefit concert is to be held on the A38 Ship Budapest, one of the most extraordinary locations in the city!

The concert aims to support refugees from Ukraine and Romani groups worldwide, and the event is made possible by the cooperation of artists, organisers, and civilians.


The organisers, performing artists, and civilians will be donating all proceeds to support the Ukrainian relief efforts.


Throughout the night, numerous well-known and renowned Hungarian musicians will appear on stage in the ship’s Concert Hall, while dancers from the PRO-Art Elit Dance Academy of Budapest ( will also perform. Alongside these performances, the UCCU Roma Foundation ( will hold a discussion, led by Szilvia Szénási.


The original idea of the charity concert came from Erika Varga, artistic leader of Romani Design and, as part of the organising team, Romani Design is preparing an exclusive fashion show for the event, with the opening speech given by Balázs Bús, VP of NKA.


List of performers: Roby Lakatos and friends, Erika Miklósa and friends, Swing á la Django, Helena Varga, Karavan Familia, Soma Mamagésa and the Vanavan Trio, and the Khamoro Budapest Band.



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