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SopronFest22-30 April, 2023

SopronFestSopronPhoto: SopronFest

Organized together with locals, the SopronFest will open to the public from April the 22nd to the 30th at nearly 30 locations across the city.

The iconic clubs, cafes, restaurants, streets, and squares of Sopron will play host to fine arts, gastronomy, tourist events, theater, and podcast festivals, as well as, of course, lots of incredible music and concerts. Notable events include a fair and several concerts taking place in and around Fő tér, plus guided tours to the site of the Pan-European Picnic and the arrival of many star chefs in the city. Then, on April the 28th, 29th, and 30th, the gigantic tent in Lővérek and its surroundings will await the public for the main events, where audiences can catch nearly 30 concerts from such big names as Halott Pénz, Tankcsapda, Majka, Beton.Hofi, Dzúdló, Krúbi, Carson Coma, and Azahriah.


Photo: SopronFest

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