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Tour de Hongrie11-15 May, 2022

Tour de HongrieAcross several locations



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Tour de Hongrie

Tour de Hongrie is Hungary’s biggest cycling race, the country’s national multiple stage cycling event. The race was first organized more than 90 years ago on 27 June 1925 – the Hungarian Tour was modeled after the world-famous French Grand Tour, the Tour de France.

The intention of the Hungarian organizers that time was to create such a prestigious competition such as the Tour de France was. Well, this aim was not too far from the reality.


The race was held until the World War II in every year, except two years. During the World War, the event was held twice on a shortened distance, however, following the political changes in the country, it was staged only occasionally. Moreover, later came a long intermission, when the competition was not held, and professional cycling was not supported, during the communism in Hungary. The development stopped during those years. However, true and dedicated fans, riders helped the race to reborn time by time.


A few years ago, Tour de Hongrie set new, bigger goal: to reach the world elite, in 2016 the event continued its road, with the support of the government. Then, year after year it achieved huge milestones successfully. Now the best and most famous teams are attending Tour de Hongrie, the race can be followed all over the world on the screens of international televisions and the event’s next goal, the ProSeries category is very close.



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