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Veszprém Street Music Festival19-22 July, 2023

Veszprém Street Music FestivalDowntown Veszprém Photo: Toroczkai Csaba/VEB2023

The Veszprém Street Music Festival is proving for the 24th time that where there's a will, there's a way, showing that it’s possible to organize a festival in a sleepy town in such a way that its residents will be happy to have been awakened.

In 1999, a few locals had a dream that they would awaken the sleepy town of Veszprém and do the seemingly impossible: turn the town into a festival hub. When people think of Hungary, they don’t always imagine carefree scenes of people dancing, hugging, and generally letting their hair down in public, but that is exactly what people in Veszprém have been doing for the past 23 years at the Street Music Festival. This July, Veszprém will be filled with people who enjoy life: will you be there with them?

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