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Winelovers Grand01 April, 2023

Winelovers GrandBudapestPhoto: Winelovers Grand

No, it’s no April Fool! On the 1st of April 2023, the glamourous halls of Corinthia Budapest will play host to more than 700 Hungarian and 100 international wines as part of Winelovers Grand, the first wine festival of the year.

The Grand is truly a must for all wine lovers. Not only can guests sample the incredible variety of wine on offer, but they can also take advantage of the opportunity to become a more “savvy” wine consumer by the evening’s end, enriching their knowledge through participation in free, professional tasting training sessions.

Also available for tasting will be premium spirits and beers, and 4 more Master Classes will be organised as well.

Once again, organisers have decided to release 200 "Wine-Consumer of the Future" super-discounted tickets for guests aged between 18 and 25, a feature of which is participation in free wine tasting training sessions. VIP tickets are also available.