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Zsolnay Light Festival30 September - 03 October, 2021

Zsolnay Light FestivalPécs



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Zsolnay Light Festival

The city center of Pécs will turn into a magical fairy-tale world at night during the Zsolnay Light Festival! Along with the world’s best projection mapping artists, the line-up of the original and only light festival in Hungary will be completed with concerts, as well as contemporary circus performances and street theatre. 

The Zsolnay Light Festival in Pécs became famous as the first and only light festival in Hungary, offering a spectacular attraction that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the country! This incredible, seven-time-award-winning festival takes foreign trends and adapts them for the city of Pécs, impressing an incredible 80,000 visitors the last time it was held.


For the festival, the best projection mapping artists in the world enchant the Mediterranean-style city center, cladding the buildings in robes of light and illuminating the streets with glowing carpets. 3-D light creations bring to life otherwise stationary cultural attractions like the Mosque and the Cathedral, all of which combines the innovation of modern technology with the gravitas of cultural and historic memories. The free, four-day-long festival also features concerts, contemporary circus performances and street theatre for the audience hungry for the new and unexpected!


Pécs is the highlight of the summer!