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Zsolnay Light Festival07-10 July, 2022

Zsolnay Light FestivalPécs



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Zsolnay Light Festival

The Zsolnay Light Festival, the country’s first and only festival of light, will see the city of Pécs lit up with dazzling light creations.

The buildings and streets of Hungary’s most mediterranean city will be clad in robes of light, and as they traverse the Pathway of Light through the centre of Pécs, visitors will be able to admire spectacular light installations, ranging from the grandiose to the heart-warming.


Each year, the most awaited event of the festival is the Zsolnay Light Art International Light Painting Competition, whereby moving, three-dimensional light creations are brought to life on the façade of the Cathedral.


The festival organically merges the world of light festivals with that of street art productions, concerts, theatre, and contemporary circus performances.



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Photos: Zsolnay Heritage Management Non-Profit Ltd.