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Bük - Sárvár for Families - 5 days

Kemenes Volcano ParkCelldömölkBük - Sárvár
How long it takes?
5 days
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public transport
This region is famous for:
Baths, Spas  and Beaches
Thermal baths, Spas and Healing resources
Museums and exhibitions
Bük - Sárvár
Day 1

Have fun and recharge your batteries: quality time together in the Sárvár Spa and Wellness Bath

Spend a really pleasant day with your family in Sárvár, where even the littlest ones can enjoy the pleasures of paddling in the Spa and Wellness Bath. Every member of the family will have a good time thanks to adventure pool, the many other inviting pools and the exciting winding slides of the relaxation area, the exclusive sauna world, which is an oasis of tranquillity, and the spa wing, which boasts high-quality spa pools. You’ll enjoy your time here so much that you’ll hardly be able to drag yourself and the little ones home.  

Put your skills to the test at the Sárvár Adventure Park

The Adventure Park, which is near the Sárvár Spa and Wellness Bath, is an excellent choice for anyone in the family who wants to test their skills under safe conditions. The younger ones will find rope tracks, gold washing and playgrounds to suit their level, but the bigger ones will also find something to challenge and excite them, including more difficult rope courses, “brave jumping” or crate construction. Check out the monumental rope course system with 120 stops, a climbing wall, archery and air rifle shooting: there’s no way you’ll be bored here!  

Day 2

Travel through time at the Jurisics Castle, where the bell rings at 11 a.m.

The Jurisics Castle in Kőszeg will transport the whole family back to the Age of yore. The castle, once surrounded by moats, were originally built in the Gothic style, but the proud building now bears the hallmarks of the Renaissance and Baroque styles as well. The castle was named after its best-known captain, Miklós Jurisics, who opposed the besieging Turkish armies for 25 days with a handful of his troops. The church bell still rings at 11 o’clock to commemorate this. Learn about medieval weapons in an interactive way, marvel at the Renaissance arcade corridor and view the priceless period artworks preserved in the golden room. There’s lots for the youngsters to do too: the play corner and the playground provide a lot of excitement, and they can even try archery. 

Make friends with wildlife at the meeting of the Carpathian Basin and the Alps

Get to know wildlife at the meeting point of the Carpathian Basin and the Alps at the István Bechtold Nature Conservation Visitor Centre. While on the lower level you can get to know the flora and fauna of the Kőszeg Mountains, the gallery flies you into the world of birds. The permanent and temporary exhibitions at the centre draw your attention to the beauties of nature, while also trying to encourage an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Also visit the adventure trail, where children can get closer to nature playfully, with the help of a giant puzzle, rotating cubes and a stork maze. Other attractions will also be offered to the little ones: in the darkroom they can listen to the sounds of birds of the night and see the everyday life of the wood grouse. 

Day 3

Eye-catching landscape on the Austrian-Hungarian border: the Írottkő lookout tower

The special feature of Írottkő, the highest peak of Transdanubia and Burgenland, is that the Írottkő-Geschriebenstein Nature Park is the first nature park crossing the Austrian-Hungarian border. One of the most important attractions of the area lies in the stunning landscape, which also attracts younger visitors: the orchard groves, the fragrant vineyards, the catchment of the Gyöngyös stream, the many rippling ponds and the meandering hiking routes invite the family for a really pleasant afternoon activity. Take a trip to the 884-metre-high Írottkő lookout tower, which is right on the border: in one half of the building you are still in Hungary, and in the other you will step over to Austria.  

Day 4

Slip into the healing bubbles in the Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa complex

In one of largest spas in Hungary, you are sure to find the right activity for you: this complex has a slide park, an adventure bath, a spa and beach bath, a sauna world and a medical wellness section. Enjoy the colourful meandering slides and indulge in the inviting temptation of the wide variety of pools. The older ones will have a great in the slide complex, and the little ones can try the children's pools, climbing frames, swings and a playhouse in addition to the special water playground. And if you want a bit of parental relaxation, you can cool off in a hammock in the shade of the huge trees, or hit the sauna, the spa or the wellness area.  

Safe adrenaline rush for the whole family in the Crystal Tower of Bükfürdő

Does your family like to keep active? Then you could hardly find a better destination than the Crystal Tower: this adventure park is unlike any other Hungary. With three levels and 90 different elements it provides visitors with an adrenaline rush in safe conditions. The park is suitable for children over the age of three with the Mini Crystal Tower Ropeway, and it also offers exciting challenges for teens and adults. Put your skills to the test on the gigantic climbing wall or the rope course, which has different levels, and enjoy the heady experience of free fall on the giant swing. You can play football on the high-quality artificial grass pitch and you can also try archery. Have fun doing something a little unusual.  

Day 5

Take a plunge into the energising Volcano Spa and Adventure Bath

Water playground, anaconda slide, playroom, adventure pool, paddling pool, training pool, baby-mother rest area – the Volcano Spa and Adventure Bath in Celldömölk is a real treasure trove for families looking for an active holiday. There is something here for everyone in the family, from the youngest to the oldest: in addition to children's entertainment, adults are also guaranteed relaxation in the sauna world, the thermal baths and the spa area. What’s more, you will find this family-friendly spa in a magnificent setting: the view of the Ság Hill panorama is sure to be a lasting experience for everyone.  

Excited about how volcanoes work? Head to the Kemenes Volcano Park

Most kids are excited to find out how volcanoes work, what volcanic activity on Earth was like millions of years ago, and what it is like today. Take your family to the Kemenes Volcano Park at the foot of Ság Hill, home to the country's only volcanological exhibition: learn about the power of volcanoes and gigantic geological changes in an interactive way and also learn how volcanic eruptions can be calculated. Enrich your geography knowledge with fun, and if you feel like it take a guided volcanic tour on the beautiful Ság Hill.

During your visit


Harmonious acids, purple colour, berry fruit flavours: you simply must taste some wines made from Blauburger grapes. If you are in the vicinity of Kőszeg, close to the Austrian-Hungarian border, there is one more thing, apart from the many exciting sights, that you really shouldn’t miss; the heavenly wine made from Blauburger blue grapes. This grape variety can also be found in the Eger bull’s blood, the deservedly famous Hungarian wine, which speaks for itself. Cheers!

Nádasdy dumplings

Not only is the Nádasdy Castle worth exploring; you should also let in the temptation of one of the jewels of Hungarian cuisine, the mouth-watering Nádasdy dumplings: these walnut-sized dumplings offer a sweet treat while you’re exploring the local sights. When you hear about the fragrant dumplings filled with cinnamon plum jam it’ll make your mouth water. Head to a local restaurant and taste this delicious treat.

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