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13 family-friendly spas and waterparks in Hungary


There are nearly 30 slide parks and five times as many smaller spas throughout Hungary, all ideal for families. The number of registered health spas alone is almost 100. That is great on the one hand, because anyone can find a multi-pool spa complex suitable for a dip within any 20-30 km radius, but at the same time, it can be difficult to find your way around the plethora of waterparks. Here are some highlights from a wide selection that ...

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The largest - Aquaréna (Mogyoród)

The Mogyoród adventure park covers 11.5 hectares and has 26 slides, providing a total slide track length of 1.5 kilometres. The nine pools include an adventure pool, a jacuzzi, a three-level plunge pool, and the hugely popular, slow-running “lazy river”. As well as water activities, the park also offers adventures on land, with volleyball, football and badminton courts all making waterless exercise just as enjoyable.

The longest slide - Napfényfürdő Aquapolis (Szeged)

The Aquapolis has 13 slides (nine indoor and four outdoor) with a total length of 1 km. The pride of the park is a 272-metre-long enclosed giant slide starting from a 30-metre tower with an elevator, and a 223-metre-long enclosed giant slide with a kamikaze section. Sixteen of the 23 pools connected to the slides are open all year round.

Most pools - HungaroSpa Aquapark (Hajdúszoboszló)

Szoboszló awaits you with 45 pools. Children will be kept happily entertained by the lifelike elephants in the pool, children's slides and playground, as well as the separate adventure pools. The bolder ones can start with the four-lane racing slide, the hydro slide, the giant spiral slide, the black hole, the crazy river, Niagara and the twister, which start from the 12-metre-high launch tower. The most determined can also try the free-fall tunnel, the water loop, the super wave, the tsunami, the spaceship and the water pipe in the so-called extreme adventure slide zone.

The boldest - AquaCity (Zalaegerszeg)

The Zalaegerszeg water empire covers an area of 7.5 hectares and has the largest water mass in Central Europe, with a total water surface of 6,000 m2. It has eight long slides and two giant adventure slides, each winding along for more than 100 metres. Even the bravest kids will have their work cut out for them on the more daredevil tracks, such as the appropriately named twister, the kamikaze that simulates a free-fall, the adventure slide or the giant snake-like anaconda. These slides are primarily for teenagers, but the youngest ones need not miss out either, because they can experience white-water rafting individually in the black hole or on the crazy river in pairs, on the back of a slide mattress. There is also a wonderful lake nearby, but be sure to keep your distance when observing the swans.

AquaCity, Zalaegerszeg

Longest opening hours - Aquaworld Resort (Budapest)

Nineteen swimming pools and a total of 4,000 m2 of water world await visitors in both winter and summer. The slides again include a kamikaze, but you can also test your courage on the family, UFO or black hole slides. Toddlers will enjoy the shaded paddling pool and mini slide, or the cool indoor playhouse. An ideal location if you’re planning an evening break spiced up with a little adventure.

Aquaworld Resort, Budapest

One of the newest - Aquacinema - Kisvárda

The year-round Aquacinema is an unmissable experience, with a five-storey slide park consisting of a total of 14 tracks, and a sliding surface of more than a kilometre. Be sure to try the giant twisting slide or the black hole, but there are also semi-open, tunnel-like, four-speed tracks, while slides starting from a height of three metres provide carefree fun and safe entertainment for even the smallest children.

The coolest - Atlantika Water Amusement Park (Gergelyiugornya)

Located 800 metres from the Tisza-Szamos estuary, the waterpark’s seven giant slides and seven pools offer countless hours of fun. There is a swimming pool, a wave pool, a children’s adventure pool and two children’s pools, as well as a double kamikaze for lovers of quick slides and three anaconda slides for the less daring. On the Shuttle slide, you slash the water surface with a bobsled as you leave the two-lane aluminium track. And what makes it the coolest? A seal show and even seal riding, i.e. swimming on the back of a seal, are included among the activities.

The best panorama - Annagora Aquapark - Balatonfüred

The beach facility on the shore of Lake Balaton guarantees an unforgettable experience, with 12 adventure slides, three children's slides, a large and a small wave pool. Its slides give you the chance to spin inside a whirlwind, drift on a crazy river or rush frantically down the turbo slide. In addition to the pools and slides, saunas, steam cabins, a fragrance chamber and an ice cave will help you unwind.

The most tropical - Aquaticum (Debrecen)

The closed slides of the Debrecen adventure pool, lush with exotic vegetation, start from a height of nine metres and arrive in the water at a temperature of 28-30°C. This is an unforgettable experience thanks to a wave and adventure pool, a climbing wall, a water-chopper, waterball, a cave bath, a Jacuzzi, a drifting river, a geyser and a jet. Four giant slides also start from the upper level of the 12-metre-high central building, two of which can only be used with floating tyres.

The rockiest - Cascade Cave Bath (Demjén)

In addition to a waterpark, the Demjén Thermal Valley also offers a spa and cave bath. This adventure spa includes a slide tower that is 24 metres in diameter and 25 metres deep, with a 550-metre sliding surface. You can also try a 133-metre drift stream. The waterpark’s split-track slide and kamikaze slides also promise fantastic entertainment.

Cascade Cave Bath, Demjén

The most fabulous - Aqua Centrum (Cegléd)

The basic motif of the Aqua Centrum evokes the atmosphere of a medieval castle, with lots of playful elements. The shared family experience features 18 giant slides and the slow-flowing river. If you’re adventurous enough, you can put yourself to the test on the kamikaze and onion slides. Or race towards the water at a speed of about 60 km/h on the Dragon slide, from a height of 16 metres.

The best known - Zalakaros Bath and Adrenaline Slide Park

The slide complex on the beach in Zalakaros consists of an 81-metre-long anaconda, two kamikazes and a three-lane variable-drop family slide. In addition, adventure pools, water games and a children’s sauna help the family relax. The nearby Adrenaline Slide Park provides an extreme slide experience. All this is coupled with a 400-metre slide attraction, a starting height of almost 20 metres and an extreme speed of up to 70 km/h to ensure unforgettable excitement.

The most family-friendly - Spa and Wellness Bath (Sárvár)

The spa in Sárvár, a favourite for families, also promises great entertainment. Here you will find a beach pool, a plunge bay, a four-track racing slide, a wave pool and even eight giant slides. Children are guaranteed an unforgettable experience by the escapade pool with its pirate ship and water castle, the adventure pool, baby paddling pool and playground.