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Szeged Water Park and Spa

Napfényfürdő AquapolisSzegedSzeged region

This huge water complex is open all year around, and has the longest slide in Europe.

Napfényfürdő is just a stone’s throw away from the centre of the town, near the River Tisza, and has a large number of fun elements, so boredom is out of the question. Clearly, the giant slides that start from a height of 30 metres and can only be accessed by lift are the most popular attractions in the place. Overall, there are 13 different types of giant slide in the park. You should go up into the tower, if for nothing else than the panoramic views from the top, and then simply slide down into one of the many pools.


Napfényfürdő Aquapolis, Szeged

Innovative solution: quiet wellness

The level of noise created by laughing, chattering children and the splashing water can easily ruin the relaxing atmosphere of wellness spas. To solve this problem, the management of the bath has decided to implement an innovative solution: there is therefore a silent relaxation zone to ensure that guests can enjoy the quiet, relaxing experience of the wellness spa. You can spend hours in the fun and carbonated water pools, with their massage treatments, and in the saunas and steam cabins, which will leave feel you completely rejuvenated and refreshed. The outdoor log sauna is just an added bonus that has a particularly romantic atmosphere in winter.


Heal yourself in the Szeged spa

A complex of 14 double rooms and suites has been built as a day hospital, currently the only one of its kind in Hungary. The 70°C sodium bicarbonated medicinal water of the Dóra Well is used to treat musculoskeletal and internal conditions. The thermal bath offers services such as hydrotherapy (mud mask, weight bath, carbonated water) and physical therapy treatments.


Unforgettable experience in the pool

Are you looking for a new place to enjoy a swim in the summer? Then the water park is an excellent choice. The park, with its large trees, is a perfect place for recreation and sunbathing, and even if it starts raining, you are still safe to enjoy the indoor pools. In the summer, the water park has several activities and events on offer to ensure that guests are never bored.


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