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5+1 wonderful cycle paths in Hungary

SzigetközGyőr and Pannonhalma

The best thing about cycling trips is that they can be completely tailored to your needs. It’s up to you what distance to conquer each day, how many days the trip should last, where to stop and rest and what attractions to visit. There is one thing in common in almost all of the trips: you can ride through breathtaking landscapes. We are here to show you the very best.

Among the most beautiful cycle paths of the country, you can find easy and advanced routes, paths suitable for families with small children and for beginners or experienced cyclists as well. They cross wonderful landscapes where, with a slight exaggeration, you could stop at each kilometre to enjoy the view. You can therefore make the same trips with different stops more than once.

The numbered cycling paths of the Őrség

The picturesque Őrség awaits with numbered cycling trails of varying difficulty. The medium-difficulty path of the Őrség 1 route is 33 kilometres long, starting from Őriszentpéter, touching on the Őrség Folk Monument Ensemble and the Bison Reserve in Szalafő, and leading just up until the Slovenian border before turning back to Őriszentpéter. The Őrség 2 route is also 33 kilometres long and has attractions such as the pottery house of Magyarszombatfa, the reformed church of Velemér and the wooden church of Magyarföld awaiting believers of various religions. The most popular route is the 34-kilometre-long Őrség 6, leading to the folk monuments and the Buffalo Reserve of Szalafő as well as to the magnificent Hársas Lake, situated near Szentgotthárd.

On two wheels in Szigetköz

The 38-kilometre cycle path that heads through the wonderful natural environment of Szigetköz starts from Dunakiliti and returns to the starting point, crossing Mosonmagyaróvár, Máriakálnok, Dunasziget and Tejfalusziget along the way. The path includes attractions such as Mosonmagyaróvár Castle founded by King Stephen and the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Máriakálnok (built above a miraculous well), a pilgrimage site that is well known for its miraculous statue of the Virgin Mary. It is worth spending a little more time at the eco-park in Dunasziget. From here, you can go on a canoe trip if you want, or pay an interesting visit to the Dunakiliti dam.


From Eger Castle to Verpelét

The 40-kilometre cycle path starting from and returning to the walls of Eger Castle leads through the historical and natural assets of Eger’s surroundings and is relatively easy to complete. When in Egerszalók, you can visit the thermal bath, but if you wish to continue cycling after having visited the salt hills, we recommend you take a break at the hive stones, where locals have carved dwellings, storage spaces, cellars and beehives in the soft rhyolitic tuff. In Verpelét, you can visit the best-conserved volcanic formation in Hungary, a parasitic crater that was uncovered by an abandoned quarry. You can climb up the mountain by following an educational trail and enjoy the view of the Tarna Valley from the top. By passing through Tarnaszentmária and Egerszólát, you will return to Eger, where you should visit the Castle and end your trip with an obligatory glass of wine in the Valley of Beautiful Women.

Börzsöny, here we come

The Börzsöny cycle path is located relatively close to Budapest, and includes Verőce, the ageless houses of Kóspallag, the Our Lady of Hungary Basilica of Márianosztra and Szob. Less experienced cyclists can travel back to Verőce from Szob by train, but if you ride on the path next to the Danube shore, you can also complete the trip on two wheels. You should also spend some time discovering the restaurants and confectioneries in the area.

Rural atmosphere in Zselic

The 50-kilometre cycle path connecting Kaposvár, Zselickisfalud and Szenna offers the best sights in the area. A series of forest routes, small villages and landscape protection regions await and if you get hungry, you can try local specialities including venison stew and dumplings.

+1: from Tatabánya to Tata in the Által rivulet valley: officially the most beautiful cycle path

2020 marked the first time that the Cycle Path of the Year award was announced. The winner was the section between Tatabánya and Tata, leading through the Által rivulet valley. The 21-kilometre path progresses through a wonderful environment: the embankment of the stream and the view of the Gerecse Mountain in the background provide the perfect atmosphere for a cycling trip. It is worth taking a break to explore the educational trails and the prehistoric finds in Vértesszőlős.