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Fortune favours the brave: these are Hungary’s most thrilling adventure parks

Sárvár Adventure ParkSárvár Balaton

You can choose from more than 60 adventure park programmes in Hungary. But what is an adventure park and how is it different from an amusement park, for example? Adventure parks build on personal activity, as opposed to passively enjoyable theme parks. A good adventure park will not be an easy ride; you will lose some sweat on land, water and in the air.

This is your chance to engage in a series of exercises to improve dexterity, balance and endurance while having fun. Fortunately, everything is as fast, strong, and adrenaline-fueled as your mood or physical fitness allows. Choose the level of difficulty yourself, and in return you get recognition for completing a challenging task.

Why are adventure parks so irresistible?

Adventure parks are so popular because you can test yourself in extreme situations without putting yourself in real danger. You can feel like an extreme athlete, while in complete safety. You choose which tasks you want to try and are also assisted along the way. There can hardly be any more experience-filled recreation than this – it’s a great opportunity for exploring your own limits and creates strong bonds between members of a team. Each park has its own specialty, from the simplest rope and plank-based skill tracks to mind-boggling canopy slides. There are bobsleigh track and snow-donut slides that require less activity, as well as climbing walls, go-karts and paintball tracks that require serious skills. Here are a few:

Adventure Parks offering a complex experience

Sobri Jóska Bakony Adventure Park– Kislőd

Water ball, jet ski, tree climbing, 3D hoop, zipline, laser tag, snow-donut, trampoline, rafting, archery, wall climbing, adventure castle, rodeo bull, small railway, quad, water obstacle courses, air castles, gold panning, airsoft, electric cars, go-karts, shooting, Nautic Jet boat slide, Hámori castle – Decathlon, Rotundo carousel, petting zoo, water slide, water rider, pedal boats and FBI academy: this awaits in Kislőd.

Oxygen Adrenalin Park – Mátrafüred

The country’s highest adventure park has a 930-metre bobsleigh track with 34 double sleds, as well as a suspension bridge and a rope-ladder adventure park, a 230-metre canopy slide, and an 8-metre climbing wall, while a quad track for anyone over the age of 6 and a 360-degree swing are also at your disposal. The suspension bridge stretches over the Sástó quarry at a length of 183 metres. You can reach the nearby Sástó by a 7-minute cable car ride.

Zemplén Adventure Park – Sátoraljaújhely

The adventure park can basically be divided into three levels, between which you can travel quickly on a chairlift or more slowly on the hiking trail. The lower level has a climbing wall, an ice rink and a 2.2-kilometre bobsleigh track. In the middle, there are adventure trails and three snow donut trails (suitable for rubber ring sliding), while at the top you will find a closed-cabin cable car operating at a height of 215 metres, and an extreme sliding cable car. In the latter, you can cross to the opposite peak, 1 kilometre away, at a speed of 80 km/h. All this at a dizzying height, of course.


Skill Adventure Parks (cableway)

Near Budapest:

Bókay Adventure park – Budapest

Most of the tracks equipped with alpine technology and ropeway technology obstacles and games rely on the living trees of the park. And as an extra activity, you can try what it’s like to be the projectile in a giant slingshot.

Római Adventure Park – Óbuda

Near the Római Baths, you can find a ropeway, an infra combat course, and stretched ropes on which you can experience what a real tightrope walk is like.

Forest Pirate Adventure Park and Educational Trail – Budakeszi

After 60 complex obstacles at six different levels of difficulty, you can descend on a total of 10 downhill sections. There is also a bear barrel, tilts, a Tarzan swing and an imperial AT-AT.


Along Lake Balaton:

Serpa Adventure Park – Balatonfűzfő

There are cableways that you can complete in between 10 minutes and 4.5 hours. Climbing tower, zipline, archery course, bobsleigh track, paintball, sports pool and observatory.

Lake Balaton Adventure Park – Csopak

Ziplines, play castle and swing park, pedal go-kart, quad biking, wall climbing, trampoline, archery, shooting, mini golf courses and giant chess.

Extreme Adventure Park – Balatonfüred

An 18-metre climbing wall, zipline and outdoor climbing wall.

Brázay Adventure Park – Balatonfüred

Elevated cableway, slide, ping-pong and beach.

Zamárdi Adventure Park – Zamárdi

16 obstacle courses, six slides and Lake Balaton.

Tavirózsa Adventure Park – Keszthely

A ropeway with 32 obstacles with slides above the Lake, mini golf, petanque, archery, gold panning and laser tag.


Western Hungary:

Szent László Adventure Park – Bakonyszentlászló

Slide, walk climbing, tree climbing, chest climbing and log castle.

Tatabánya Adventure Park – Tatabánya

2 adult and 1 children’s tracks, with 5 Tyrolean-type slides.

Rioter Games Experience and Adventure Park – Győr

In addition to the usual obstacle climbing, in the Püspök Forest in Győr, laser tag, paintball, archery battle, target shooting, bubble soccer and walking in a virtual world are also available.

Szigetköz Adventure Park – Mosonmagyaróvár

Cableway obstacle courses, a slide arching over the Mosoni-Duna, wall climbing and trampoline.

Sárvár Adventure Park – Sárvár

120-stop cableway in the immediate vicinity of the spa.


Eastern Hungary:

Kerekerdő Adventure Park – Kerekegyháza

Forest ropeway, archery, forest educational trail, maze and trampoline.

Ceglédfürdő Adventure Park – Cegléd

Obstacle course without a time limit, archery, airsoft and rowing.

Dream Beach Adventure Park – Tiszanána

Obstacle course; 20, 50, and 83-metre slides, arrow rifle and archery park.

Tőserdei Adventure Park – Lakitelek

Tisza-shore obstacle and climbing courses, and a slide from a height of 17 metres.

Woodland Event Centre and Adventure Park – Gyula

Elevated ropeway, canopy course 7.5 m above the fishpond, 3-sided climbing wall, bouncy castle, trampoline and mini golf course.

Tiszapart Experience and Adventure Park – Szeged

Zipline, wall climbing, archery, play castle, giant chess, slackline, ping-pong and quad.


Bobsleigh tracks

Visegrád Bobsleigh track – Visegrád

700-metre summer and Alpine bobsleigh track.

Miskolctapolca Bobsleigh track – Miskolctapolca

An 800-metre bobsleigh track operating all year.

X-TRÉM BOB – Szilvásvárad

620-metre long bobsleigh track based on single-cable technology, with one-person sleds.

Balatonboglár Adventure Park, Bobsleigh track.

580-metre bobsleigh track with two-person sleds.

Sopron Bobsleigh track - Sopron

900-metre summer bobsledding track.



Aquaglide – Sarud

The second-largest water playground in Europe is located on Lake Tisza. More than 30 exciting adventures await and challenge you on the water surface or at a height of nearly 5 metres. There is plenty to entertain older visitors too, with a wide range of water sports available: kayaking, rowing, SUP, windsurfing, sailing, rowing, pedal boating, water scooters and speedboats. In the village, a ‘hucul’ riding school, paintball, airsoft, laser tag and archery await the young ones.

Omszk Wakeboard Centre – Budakalász

Lake Omsk is home to one of the most well-equipped wakeboarding courses in the country. They also have children’s camps in the summer. You can also try SUP (Stand Up Paddle) on the lake.

Water Ski and Wakeboard Track – Vonyarcvashegy

The 820-metre, five-base, multi-element course is open to anyone who can swim.


Technical Parks

SkyWard Wind Tunnel – Csepel

Freefalling on the ground? Feel free to experience the true adrenaline rush of hovering and freefalling in complete safety, with a professional trainer overseeing your hovering without moving. Definitely something to try at least once.

HELL Kart – Miskolctapolca

Avalon Park’s go-kart track, with its track running between the trees, provides a 561-metre ride per lap. There are 32 one-person go-karts and three two-person go-karts to provide exhilarating and, at the same time, environmentally conscious (electrically-powered) recreation.