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A hidden treasure of the Southern Great Plain: Mezőhegyes and the stud farm await

Mezőhegyes stud farmMezőhegyes Szeged region

Unique buildings, wonderful parks, omnipresent calm: Mezőhegyes has everything you need for perfect relaxation. After leaving the daily grind behind, you can catch your breath here, get closer to nature, and learn about Nonius horses bred at the local stud farm.

When you arrive at Mezőhegyes, you might feel as if entering a different world, where time stands still. At first you see wonderful buildings dating back several hundreds of years, then you are drawn by peaceful and calm parks to relax, while horses neigh nearby. Indeed, the town and Mezőhegyes stud farm are the cradle of horse breeding: this is the place where the majestic black Nonius horses originate. You can see these horses even today in the central courtyard of the stud farm and at Grange No. 20.

It’s all about horses here

At the stud farm, quite naturally the horses and riding take centre stage even to this day, so even beginners can mount a horse (with expert help, on a lunge line), while experienced riders or champions in the family can explore the beautiful terrain of the farm with the famous, 36-metre-high sycamore tree. Should you opt out of horse riding, you can still say hello to the horses in the riding hall. But riding a carriage, going on an excursion on the “puszta-bus”, looking at the horses at Grange No. 20 (where horse-keeping based on traditional, seasonal grazing can be observed in a neatly renovated environment) are also options. The stud farm offers outstanding opportunities to relax, and the horses can be safely approached from the central courtyard by bike, too.

Close to nature

Would you like to spend some more time in nature after meeting the horses? Then take a walk in the wonderful English garden in the shade of Japanese pagoda trees and European ash trees, or relax at Lake Békás, where fishing is also possible.

Close to water

Mezőhegyes in itself is worth discovering on a family outing, because it is so wonderful. If you would prefer to explore the region instead, and like going to the beach or bathing, we have good news for you: there are several great places nearby, where you can bathe and swim, e.g. Rózsa (Rose) Bath in Tótkomlós, the bath of Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdő, Napfény (Sunlight) and Anna Bath of Szeged, Hagymatikum in Makó or the Gyula Castle Bath.


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