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Culinary specialities in Gyula

Culinary speciality: the local pig slaughterBékéscsabaGyula region

Visiting the valley of the Körös rivers you can taste some delicious Hungarian specialities. Gyulai and Csabai sausages and Békési pálinka are favourites not just among Hungarians, but are well known and liked beyond the country’s borders.

Both products are protected as Hungarikums and have a protected designation of origin, however, it is important not to mistake one for the other. Although both sausages are seasoned with paprika and are widely known in Europe, Csabai sausage is made with cumin, and Gyulai with pepper. Békéscsaba is home to the annual Sausage Festival at the end of October every year. Since sausage is the speciality of both towns, you will of course find a sausage museum in both Gyula and Békéscsaba, where you can learn how sausage is made. As well as sausage, the region is well known for Békési plum pálinka, which is made exclusively from fruit grown in the area, and has received many awards at international competitions. Visit the Pálinka Manufactory in Gyula, where you can taste most famous spirits, and also hear about their history. If you time your trip to Gyula at the end of September, don’t miss the annual Pálinka Festival.

Historical café and farmer’s market

If you are looking for sweet culinary experiences, Gyula is the place to go, with its traditional, hand-made cakes and bonbons. The Hundred‑Year‑Old Confectionery is one of the oldest such shops in the country, and has been open since 1840. The Biedermeier furniture is only the cherry on the top of the proverbial cake, as this place is all about cakes and sweets. Enjoy a Rákóczi cottage cheese cake with a nice cup of coffee. The region of Orosháza has been renowned for hennery already in the 18th century and this is where one of the best quality foie gras in Hungary comes from. However, if you want to eat something more substantial, try the famous local dishes of Slovak origin: cigánka (made of offal), brindza (strong sheep milk cheese) or haluska (dumplings).

There is an extensive network of small producers in Gyula, who sell their products every Sunday in the Gyula Market Hall. You can buy some artisanal goat cheese, different shaped tomatoes, spicy chili peppers or even quail eggs here.

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